The Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) may be the first wave of government assistant schemes to help businesses improve its bottom-line through automation and adoption of ICTs solutions. Through the years, it has also developed the consultancy industries in Singapore. As productivity is widely defined as GDP per worker and given that the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme will expire in 2018, emphasis need to be placed on helping business improve their top-line growth to improve their revenues and thereby productivity. The second wave of government assistant schemes may well be various capability development grant (CDG) programmes to help business build new capability in automation in order to scale your business. 


Capability Development Grant


Creating Jobs


Automation is not to kill jobs, on the contrary it is to save jobs and even create new jobs. While most SMEs are faced with manpower issues in production, in order to scale up their production, the only way is to through automation that not only reduces the manual labour required, it also increase the production output. The manpower save are then redeploy to perform other higher values task.


With an automation system in place, the cost of production can be lowered to increase price competitiveness and consequently increase sales. SMEs can next plan to grow their sales channels, expand their production capacities resulting the need to hire more people be it for sales or more production.



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